Forests, once considered natures factories producing a seemingly endless supply of wood, are now considered as “ecosystems” providing a range of economic, industrial, cultural and social benefits along with their environmental benefits and services. We rely on the forests of the world for food, medicine, firewood, soil, rehabilitation, agriculture, shelter and water, just to name a few. (the slave and victim for  our commodities ) These ecosystems have become closely linked at achieving social equity and economic growth in many developing nations. Timber is the primary income for many tropical countries, with planted forests ( plantations of single species trees) being the largest contributor to their economies. Containing eighty percent of the worlds biomass, forests extract vast amounts of atmospheric carbon making them our best defense against climate change. The following satellite images clearly demonstrate what we continue to do to these ecosystems


Only minutes from were I live, with logging being done by a company under FSC certification. Clear-cut areas range from 1 to 15 acre blocks.


Typical clear-cut logging practices in northern Ontario


Logging practices within the Amazon Rain-forests creating virtual dead zones


A view of BR163 ” the Soy Highway” or a better name would be “The Road to Destruction” clearly showing the extent of devastating encroachment into the Amazonian jungle.

These satellite images are several years old, taken in 2003 or 2004 with ongoing logging since then within all these regions, including large sectors of this cutting under FSC certification. One acre of forest is lost every second within the tropical regions of the world. Consider an acre is about the size of a football field, not including the end-zones This statistic does not include the cutting that takes place in the remaining forests of the world, where so called management is generally implemented.

Millions of dollars are being spent on studies and research regarding global warming and climate change. With the evidence and reasons blatantly obvious when will society realize we must finally take the step from  being aware to literally taking action?